Centerville Boro Sportsmen's Association
179 Dague Road
Brownsville, PA 15417

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          Centerville Boro Sportsmen's Association is located at 179 Dague Road, Brownsville, PA 15417 (Centerville Borough). Centerville Boro Sportsmen's Association has various shooting ranges; one range contains the pistol and shot-gun target, which is 25 yards. Our rifle range has targets at various distances starting at 50 yards and going up to 300 yards.

          The Centerville Borough Sportmen's Association began as "The Centerville Borough Beagle Club". The association, as we know it today, was incorporated on November 12, 1965 as a private, non-stock, non-profit organization. The club purchased approximately 104 acres, located on Dague Road, Centerville Boro. In the history of the club, the club held many events that the public was welcome to attend, such as: horse shows, fox hunts, trap shoots, rifle shoots, and archery shoots. What started out as an old farm house has now been updated to be one of the best clubs in the area. It is one of the few clubs to have a 300 yard rifle range. As the club has progressed so have events at the club.

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Richard Kline
124 Linton Road
Fredricktown, PA 15333
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